Companies can protect and add gold to their assets, through a personal accumulation plan or simply by using gold as a gift for their clients.

Private Entities

In the last 20 years, financial crisis affected almost all small and medium savers, who have seen their capital squandered by banks and private management companies. Gold gives the chance to build a secure present and, if interested, to change your future by entering the ''Accredited Signaller'' program. The difference between us and other companies is our GP T109 system, that allows people to convert their gold deposit in money.

Financial Consultant
Financial Advisors

Fast-track access to financial advisors. In this regard, the company makes available a privileged access with a scheduled management plan that meets every need including sub-accounts for your own clients. The GBP package offers a total degree of flexibility for any request.


Dianesis offers its clients some institutional fast-track channels of purchase with:

  • Binding limit order
  • Monthly and annual plans
  • Security and transparency
  • Logistics and storage
  • One-to-one advise
Specialist Consultants

Dianesis offers its clients to acquire the skills and become a consultant specialized in the sale of gold. Each consultant has a personal account with client management, fees, order tracking and real-time apps so that he or she can work with ease and professionalism.

Dealers/Licensed Brokers

More opportunities at the best prices. Dianesis offers a wide selection of products in the portfolio and even with a great rate of distribution, orders management and maximum guarantee in delivery. It is possible to make special deals based on purchase agreements.